Teaching Your Bird to Talk

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Step-by-step instructions for training your parrot to talk from noted experts.


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Two noted experts author the first in-depth book on teaching your bird to talk.

Teaching a bird to talk isn't as difficult as it may seem. In this easy-to-follow guide, avian experts Diane Grindol and Tom Roudybush reveal how you can communicate with your parrot far beyond "hello" and, in turn, understand what your bird is trying to communicate to you.

Teaching Your Bird to Talk compiles an impressive amount of background, training, and research regarding bird vocalizations, walking you step by step through the behavioral mechanics of training parrots to talk (as well as starlings, mynahs, and other birds). Whether you want your bird to mimic words, talk on cue, or have some understanding of what you are saying, this guide shows you the type of training you need to do with your bird. The book also takes a close look at the work of Dr. Irene Pepperberg - the world's foremost authority in the field of parrot intelligence and trainer of Alex the African Grey Parrot.

  • Identifies which species of bird are likely to talk and which aren't
  • Explores field research on regional languages and dialects of parrots in the wild
  • Features true stories from owners of talking birds
  • Explains how to handle problems with vocal parrots, such as screaming and using inappropriate language
  • Offers tips on feeding and housing birds, and finding an avian veterinarian
256 pgs.

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Additional Info

SKU 7938
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