Pellet-Berries Parakeet, 12.5 oz

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parakeet food with cranberries, apricots & dates
SKU: 7216
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Manufacturer: Lafeber



Parakeets peck their way through the seed bowl so enthusiastically, it's hard to imagine them eating anything else. That's not to say that these little birds don't get excited about more wholesome food, especially if it has the tastes and textures their busy little beaks can tear into. Pellet Berries combine the unbeatable nutrition of pellets with natural enrichment to offer what other pelleted foods lack - parakeet appeal.

Meals should be exciting, not boring. Pellet Berries offers a mix of whole cranberries, dates, apricots and natural grains along with a heavy serving of nutritionally balanced pellets so your bird can have enriching tastes and solid nutrition, too! Pellet Berries' round shape and size encourages your parakeet or other small bird to pull it apart. Your bird will savor the satisfaction of using his beak and tongue to pick apart each berry - a more exciting way of eating than simply crumbling up a regular pellet.

  • 81% Pellets + 19% Individual Fruits & Grains = 100% Enriched Nutrition
  • With real pieces of apricot, cranberries, natural grains and more
  • No Artificial Flavors or Colors
  • Made in the USA

Additional Info

Additional Info

SKU 7216
Weight 0.9900
Manufacturer Lafeber
Bird Size Small
Flavor Fruit
Form Pellet
Net Weight 12.5 oz
Container Size No


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